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Why Cath Academy?

The Environment


 Cath labs are dynamic. Chaotic. Open for business 24/7. Indeed, cardiac cath labs are fast paced environments, with hectic schedules and short staffing. Rapidly changing technologies, unexpected add-on procedures, and hospitals' mandates to minimize overtime makes staff training difficult to schedule.

The Problem


 Few  health care education providers cater to the specific educational needs  of cath lab personnel. This often means  your knowledge is only as good as the quality of information you learned from your preceptor when you first joined the cath lab. This "sink-or-swim" approach leads to knowledge gaps, even with the most experienced  staff.

The Solution


With more than thirty years of cath lab experience, we understand the cath lab and its training needs. Cath Academy is stepping into the void to  create and deliver the knowledge you need to perform at the highest  possible level. You can now gain cath-specific knowledge on your schedule!

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